You can apply for Sri Lanka rupee or foreign currency loans & advances at concessional rates. This facility enables you to retain the foreign currency deposits intact.
Arrangements can be made for a member of your family or friend to operate this account on your behalf.
You will receive the option of appointing a nominee, to whom the funds in the account are to be paid, in the event of death of the account holder.
Standing orders are effected without any commission.
You can switch from one currency to another at competitive exchange rates.
Above all you will receive our personalized service.
An individual including a minor who is a Sri Lankan national. | A non-national resident in Sri Lanka.
An individual of Sri Lankan origin including a minor who is a resident outside Sri Lanka.
A Non-national either on temporary visit to Sri Lanka or intending to visit Sri Lanka.
An administrator or executor of the estates of a deceased person, who maintained a personal foreign currency account with that authorized dealer or restricted dealer until the completion of the administration of the deceased person’s estate.
Documents Needed
You can visit a branch of your choice and discuss your requirement along with the period of deposit with an officer of the branch.
Interest rate applicable for Foreign Currency Savings & Fixed deposits can be viewed from the Rates and Tariffs page of this site.
Please fill the relevant application form and hand over to the branch. Remember to take your passport with the VISA copy to confirm your non residency status. This is necessary for us to identify you.
You may open a PFC Savings Account with us in any of the following currencies and earn competitive rates of interest.