Attractive fixed interest rates | Speedy and courteous service
Minimum loan amount of 5 million and maximum amount of up to 25 million
Maximum repayment period of Up to 25 years (300 months)
You can obtain a Nivasa housing loan for purposes such as purchase a block of land or build a house, complete construction of a new house or for extensions/repairs to the existing house, repay a loan obtained from a recognized financial institution for housing purposes, purchase an apartment from a housing complex
Permanently employed personnel with a monthly salary
Income tax payers | Persons who are employed overseas
Businessmen & Professionals
Documents Needed
Original title deed of the present owner and any other previous deeds available
Approved survey plan (it should be less than 10 years old if not, a resurvey has to be done and a new plan drawn / licensed surveyor has to endorse on the existing approved plan after the resurvey that the extent of the land and the boundaries are in order) and any other previous plans available
Certificate of ownership of the property | Certificate of non-vesting | Notice of assessment for the current year
Tax receipt of the last quarter | Approved building plan | Certificate of conformity
Certificate of Street Line/Building Line (if Street Line/Building Line is not applicable in the said area a certificate from the relevant local authority confirming the same should be obtained)
Sales agreement/Letter of consent of the seller to sell the property including the sale price
Letter of assurance of vacant possession (if the loan is to purchase a house only)
Letter of kinship (The relationship between the buyer and the seller)
Bill of quantities if the loan is to construct a house
Building permit if the loan is to construct a house
Condominium Deed/Declaration (if applicable) | Approved Condominium plan (if applicable)
Tripartite agreement, Sale & Purchase agreement (if applicable) | Power of attorney (if applicable)
Once the loan is approved a valuation report should be obtained from one of the bank’s panel valuers
If the seller is a company , articles of the Company , Form 20/1 and Certificate of Incorporation