The Vehicle Loan scheme will capitalize the market towards the growing Transportation, Agriculture & tourism Industry which are helpful to more Economic development activities in the country
SMIB will finance only – Cars, SUV’s, Van, Lorry, bus and Jeeps
Vehicles financed can be brand new, unregistered or registered, provided the vehicle is not older than 10 yrs from date of manufacture at the time of obtaining the loan. Exceptions being,
– Indian (Maruti/ Tata) and Chinese – Brand new only
– Korean / other Asian – Brand new and reconditioned (unregistered) only
Applicants should be
– Confirmed, permanent employees in an Executive grade or higher, or
– Be employed in a recognized, established company with at least 3 years of service
Applicants should have a net monthly income in excess of LKR 40,000-, including allowances.
– Additional income will have to be with proven documentations.
Applicant’s total commitment for loans should not exceed 60% of net monthly income.
Documents Needed
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Conditions apply
For more information visit our nearest SMIB Branch or Contact Us via our Call Centre on 1922