Purchase a land to construct a house later. / Purchase a land and to construct a house
Construct a house in an owned land of the borrower/s.
Purchase a house/ partly constructed house/ condominium unit.
Complete construction/ renovation/ extension/ repair of an existing house/ condominium unit.
Landscaping/ interior decoration of the house/ condominium unit.
Construction of houses/ apartments for sale - please contact the relevant branch for more information and this facility is provided only for the commercial purpose house builders.
Should be a Sri Lankan Citizen/s above the age of 18 years. / The borrower should be a resident of Sri Lanka.
Should not be a defaulter of BOC or any other Financial Institution.
Professionals with fixed/non-fixed income, permanent employees of government, statutory bodies, private sector, self employed, farmers, cultivators.
In case of a joint housing loan, the co-borrowers should be close relatives or directly interested parties for purchasing/developing of the property.