A Personal Loan coupled with an overdraft facility for high net-worth fixed income earners (Maximum – 90% of one month’s salary)
A Minimum Gross Income of Rs.250,000.00 (Basic + Fixed Allowances + 90% of other income)
Employees in Senior Management cadre and above in Blue-chip companies and Employers approved by DFCC
55 years of age or 60 years subject to Employer Confirmation
Documents Needed
Duly completed Application Form. | Accepted Terms & Conditions.
A certified copy of one’s National Identity Card, Driving License or Passport.
Assignment over salary – Letter of undertaking from employer on DFCC prescribed format or confirmed Standing Order
Letter of undertaking from applicant to route other income to DFCC.
Latest Salary Slip (Original/Certified) if variable allowances are to be considered 03 months original/certified to be submitted.
Current/Savings account statements for the past 03 months.
Additional sources of income such as rent and income from lease will be considered provided documentary evidence is submitted.