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DFCC Bank’s 0% interest Credit Card Balance Transfer Facility

May 20, 2021

DFCC Bank has come forward with an innovative Balance Transfer facility that allows customers to spread their Credit Card repayment. This is unique in the sense that no others currently offer this facility in the market. This offering from DFCC Bank intends to ensure that those who use this facility will be on the right track towards effective financial management and independence.

What is a balance transfer?

Think of it as a way to pay off Credit Card debt with another Credit Card which offers a lower interest rate. This reduces the amount of money spent on interest and thus results in savings and a quicker and efficient way of settling pending Credit Card outstanding amount.

Does DFCC offer such a service?

For anybody who is facing a Credit Card debt struggle, DFCC Bank’s Balance Transfer facility is a stress free solution that is a class above the other offerings in the market today. This facility allows one to consolidate their Credit Card outstanding from any bank conveniently to a DFCC Credit Card.

Why should I choose to obtain this service through DFCC Bank?

DFCC Bank offers the Balance Transfer facility at 0% interest until 31 May 2021.All that a cardholder needs to do is to transfer their current outstanding balance to a DFCC Credit Card and enjoy the facility of being able to settle the amount in 12 monthly installments with a 0% interest rate.

What other benefits will I be entitled to?

If the customer is a new DFCC Credit Cardholder, they will also benefit from the first year annual fee being waived off. DFCC Credit Cards also allows the cardholders to save with every swipe as a cash back rate of 1% which is valid for every transaction. Together with exciting year-around card offers and 0% easy payment plans at selected merchant locations, this offering from DFCC is simply unmatched.

I wish to obtain DFCC Bank’s balance transfer service. How can I proceed?

If one feels as if they should utilise this proposition from DFCC Bank and be on the way towards financial independence, an applicant may do so by filling a Balance Transfer application accompanied by the latest month Other Bank Credit Card (OBC) statement to or handover to the nearest DFCC Bank branch. The latest statement should be of any date between 01 April and 15 May 2021.