While you focus on building your career, we'll help you by giving you plenty of time to settle your payments.
Use your credit card to get cash in an emergency from any HSBC network ATM anywhere in the world, just as you would with your debit card.
We believe in strengthening your career, so our HSBC Credit Cards blend flexible payment plans with low interest rates to suit your income cycle.
Our supplementary card can give your family more financial freedom and allow you to get more out of your spending.
Get in touch whenever you have a question or need information about using credit cards in Sri Lanka.
Have a minimum monthly income of Rs.100,000(gross)
Be at least 18 years of age
Documents Needed
Billing proof (If required)
NIC (National Identification Card)
Pay slip/Letter from employer with authorized signature (Salaried Applicant)
Bank Statements (Optional)