Receive the Pinnacle Infinite Credit Card free of charge for a lifetime.
Receive 3% CashBack on Fuel, Restaurants, Utility Bill Payments directly made to the service provider and International transactions.
0% interest on 06 months installment plans for any transactions above Rs. 25,000/- up to Rs. 2,000,000/-.
Receive 1% cashback on every spend.
Visa Concierge Service – Click here for more details.
International medical insurance with 0% interest payment plan.
Complementary travel Insurance when purchasing a return air ticket using DFCC Pinnacle Infinite Credit Card.
Receive complementary branded Debit Card free of charge for a lifetime.
A total deposit portfolio of Rs. 10 million and above (in local or foreign currency)
Or A minimum salary remittance of Rs. 450,000 per month.
Assets with mortgage value over Rs. 25,000,000/-.
Family Portfolio – Spouse with deposits over Rs. 5,000,000/-.