Chipped base branded debit card.
Free access to Facebook Banking and internet banking.
Screening client for competency of maintaining current account of high esteem
Special Credit card – who earn an income over LKR 15,000/-
Current Account with a specially designed cheque book.
Unlimited Withdrawals.
Should be in business or managing business of his/her parents with intention to inherit or be added as a partner or director in the future or Management Trainee of a reputed company or in a respectable employment with career progression.
Eligibility – age 18 – 26 years Sri Lankans
Should Be a Seylan Seylfie Youth Savings Account Holder.
Minimum Deposit of LKR 25,000/-
Documents Needed
National Identity Card
If the address differs from the given document a billing proof not less than 3 months should be submitted.
Introduction according to the bank regulation.
Note: Other documents may be requested by the bank to ensure better customer service in the future.