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Seylan Tikiri hosts ‘Tikiri Pola’ at Aralaganwila Welayaya National School to foster financial literacy in young students

27 September 2023, Colombo: Seylan Tikiri, the cherished children's savings brand of the country, recently joined hands with Aralaganwila Welayaya National School in an effort to instil a sense of financial literacy among the young minds. On September 7th, 2023, the school premises came alive with the Seylan Tikiri Pola, an event that brought the essence of a traditional Sri Lankan market right into the heart of the school.

The Seylan Tikiri Pola was a collaborative effort that aimed to provide students with an immersive, hands-on experience to understand the complexities of finances, savings, markets, customers, goods, and services in a practical manner. This initiative received an enthusiastic response from students, parents, and teachers, all of whom were eager to impart valuable financial knowledge to the younger generation.

In a world dominated by digital distractions and a focus on academic success, the Seylan Tikiri Pola was a welcome change for all the students who participated. The event underscored the importance of offering practical financial education to children and planted the critical concepts of money management and savings from an early age.

One of the standout takeaways of the Seylan Tikiri Pola was its ability to actively engage the school community. Students, parents, and teachers alike took an active role in the event, highlighting their commitment to nurturing financial literacy among children.

The enthusiasm and positive feedback received from the Seylan Tikiri Pola have sparked numerous requests for similar engaging and educational children's events in the future, and Seylan Tikiri is determined to build on this success with a vision of continuing to promote financial education among young minds.

As a brand committed to its values, Seylan Tikiri consistently organises activities throughout the year for the benefit of its Tikiri Kids. These initiatives not only encourage children to develop good financial habits but also provide opportunities for them to accumulate enriching experiences during their formative years.

Parents interested in opening a Tikiri account for their children below the age of 15 are encouraged to visit their nearest Seylan Bank branch or call 200 88 88, opening the doors to a world of benefits and opportunities for their kids.