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DFCC Savings Goal – A Structured Pathway to Achieving Dreams with Ease and Flexibility Lock in 7% Interest on DFCC Savings Goals Only Until 30th April 2024

Enjoy a flexible yet structured savings plan from DFCC Bank that helps you easily reach your financial goals. Designed to empower customers with high-return short-term savings plans, DFCC Savings Goal promises a personalised savings experience coupled with flexibility and attractive interest rates of 7% p.a. This competitive rate, available exclusively through DFCC Online Banking until the conclusion of April 2024, stands as one of the most favourable in the market. Notably, despite prevailing decreases in market rates, customers can secure the advantageous 7% per annum rate for up to 2 years, affording stability amidst fluctuating conditions. Customers will also enjoy the flexibility of zero penalty fees, helping you achieve your financial goals faster, using a structured approach you decide on. 

This innovative platform empowers customers to dictate their savings journey, enabling them to customise their goals in alignment with their unique financial aspirations. With the flexibility to set goal amounts ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 10,000,000, customers can commence their savings endeavour within one month of account opening, selecting from daily, weekly, or monthly savings contributions. Furthermore, the option to designate an end date from 30 days to 2 years from the outset, with provisions for extension or early closure sans penalties, ensures adaptability to evolving needs.

Aasiri Iddamalgoda, Senior Vice President of Retail Banking and SME at DFCC Bank, emphasised the integrated approach of DFCC Savings Goal, stating, “We recognise that achieving your dreams involves more than just saving money. It necessitates structure, a roadmap to transform aspirations into reality, and optimal interest rates to expedite growth and maximise savings. That is why we have created DFCC Savings Goal as a unique product, empowering our valued customers with the flexibility, control, and support they need to reach their goals. Therefore, we invite all Sri Lankans to embark on a transformative savings journey with DFCC Savings Goals and lock in a 7% p.a. interest rate on their plans, particularly as DFCC Savings Goal rates may fall after the end of April.”

Experience unparalleled flexibility with DFCC Savings Goal, which can be opened any time using DFCC personal Online Banking. Customers enjoy the liberty of adding funds at their convenience, with standing orders automatically adjusted for future contributions. Enjoy the freedom to make withdrawals whenever needed without incurring added charges. Stay on track towards your goals with automatic adjustments to future deposits in case of withdrawals, ensuring a seamless savings experience. And, even if you miss a planned deposit, rest assured there are no penalties; the online banking platform will automatically attempt to rectify the oversight if funds are available to keep you on course. Whenever you wish to close your DFCC Savings Goal, whether at the end of your goal or even before, you can do so conveniently and without penalties while still receiving the total value of all interest accrued.

Start a new DFCC Savings Goal today; log into your DFCC Personal Online Banking immediately. For more information, call or visit any DFCC Bank branch. 

About DFCC Bank

DFCC Bank is a full-service commercial bank with a rich history of 68 years and offers a diverse range of commercial and development banking services. As part of its Sustainability Strategy 2020-2030, the Bank aims to become a leading institution contributing to greater resilience by creating resilient businesses and supporting green financing and sustainable, socially responsible entrepreneurship. The Bank has received numerous accolades, including being named the ‘Most Trusted Retail Banking Brand’ and the ‘Best Customer Service Banking Brand’ in Sri Lanka in 2021 by Global Brands Magazine UK and ‘Market Leader and Best in Service in Cash Management 2022’ by Euromoney. Additionally, DFCC Bank is ranked among Business Today’s Top 40 Corporates in Sri Lanka, is rated A- (lka) by Fitch Ratings Lanka Limited and is regulated by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Attesting to its commitment to sustainability, DFCC Bank is also the first, and presently only, entity in Sri Lanka to have received accreditation from the Green Climate Fund (GCF), granting it access to concessionary funding worth USD 250 million to support climate mitigation and adaptation projects across the Island.